Millions of kids will find a console for video games under a tree for Christmas. But how do you make sure they play safely?
Family playing Nintendo Wii: the future of video games in the family?
Fun Gaming is a safe game, says Elspa
Mike Rawlinson, Managing Director, Elspa, Entertainment and Entertainment Publishers Association: 13:00 GMT December 23, 2009
Many children wake up to their tree on this Christmas morning in a video game or game console, with which they want to play immediately. Today, children have grown up using interactive technologies – they can learn a new console or game in minutes and learn how to have fun for hours.

Since 1995, more than 25 million game consoles and hand-held devices have been sold in the UK – at least one device per household. Over the past 10 years in the UK, more than 335 million computer and video games have been acquired – five games per person and at least a dozen games per household.

As most parents and guardians know, not all video games are designed for children. Games for older players, such as brutal scenes or curses, are clearly not suitable for a five-year-old child to unpack this Christmas. All games sold in the UK have age and content levels, known as the PEGI Information System, which will help you decide if the game is suitable for your family, but if you are not familiar with the scoring system, it may look like a minefield.

While gaming consoles are well known in most homes, remember that online games are becoming more popular when teens can interact with other players on the Internet. Parents need to think carefully about online games to which their children have access and how they communicate with others when they are playing on the Internet. It is difficult to regulate online games the same way as physical software, because independent developers are not required to establish parental control over their games, and the child can easily access the content. is inappropriate.

Another developing world is a “social game”. Many games now have their own sites and forums where players can communicate, share and even integrate into the global gaming community. In fact, most online games now have chat or messaging tools so that players can freely share their ideas in the contest. Some games even offer full voice communication, so it’s important to know what games your child plays and with whom they play.

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