For Battle Royale games, the PlayerUnknowns game fields (or PUBG for those already included in the action) is the name you need to know.

Over the past year, the game has experienced a stratospheric rise, leading from the name Steam Early Access to the full version of the Xbox with a huge fan base of streaming services such as Twitch and Mixer.

Available on PC and Xbox One, it will immerse you in a Deathmatch of 100 players on a constantly decreasing map where you or your team must fight to be the last alive. If you win, you will see the coveted “Winner of a Culinary Lunch” on your screen. And you will surely catch it, because it is not so often.

Bluepoint recently slowed its renewal of its anti-fraud efforts in the game. However, it seems that the team is ready to move forward on its road map in 2018. Check out the latest improvements made on the Xbox One and PC versions of the game, as well as what’s planned for the future.

What’s the latest PUBG update for PC?
Update PC 9 here

The last fix for PUBG has landed and marks the ninth major update of the game since its early release. The biggest expansion of the game is Killer Spectate, where players after pressing the button press the button and watch the player who killed them. When this player is killed, you follow the player who killed him and so on. Like a chain of joy.

If no one has killed you, you can choose the closest player to you when you die, and you can even mark the players you are watching by pressing R. However, if you click the Death Camera, you will not be able to see all the viewers in the mode Spectate Killer.

In addition, the update contains general fixes and changes the default settings only for group voice chat.

What’s the latest update for PUBG for Xbox One?
Update Xbox 11 has already landed

Currently, Bluepoint focuses on improving the performance and stability of Xbox One. This is exactly what you can expect from this update. In addition to standard fixes, the graphics and refresh rates for vehicles are improved, as well as fixes to improve the failures.

The inventory of the inventory was improved due to a clearer orientation of the buttons and tips for use, as well as quick scrolling with LT / RT. And now there is a visible counter to show the number of players on the plane.

Can I play PUBG on the phone?
Worldwide launch of iOS and Android

You really can! Now PUBG is available for free on iOS and Android. This, according to the developers, is the “ideal” restoration of the PC version for the game in terms of maps and functions.

Of course, there are some mobile optimizations. You can count on automatic control of the drive, sight and touch screen. Although there is a voice chat.

To play PUBG on your phone, you must at least use iOS 9, which means that you are on the iPhone 5S or newer (although it’s recommended to use iPhone 6 for better performance). Android owners need 5.1.1 Lollipop or later, and more than 500 Android-enabled devices support the game.

You will need 2 GB of RAM to play the game, and the download size is about 900 MB.

What happens on PUBG on a PC?

Updates BattleUnknowns in recent months have slowed somewhat, and the development team focused on reducing fraud in the game (the update was delayed). However, there are big plans for the game throughout 2018, which were published in a blog in March.

Beginning in March, Bluehole plans to release a major update every two months for the PC, either by modifying the systems or adding new content.

On the experimental test server of the game, a brand new 4×4 card was released. This new map is much smaller than anything we saw in PUBG, and will have a higher density of players and playing time. shorter. Bluepoint promises that this will lead to a much faster and more intense gameplay.

The works also have a slightly big 8×8 card, although details are thinner on the ground.

Bluepoint announced that Fortnite-style event modes will soon arrive at PUBG. These temporary shares will be available through an update.

Recently, Bluepoint has expanded these new regimes and says that it is experimenting with a new way of doing war. The mode of war is fundamentally different from the battle of Royale, where players have a machine gun from the very beginning, and team members are resurrected after death until the team reaches 80 points. It’s more like traditional online shooters, it can be more familiar and less frustrating for those who are not used to the slower and more protective nature of the PUBG Battle Royale games.

War mode is available only for user servers, which only PUBG partners can access on Windows PCs, but in the future it is planned to make them available to the public.

Of course, stability and constant efforts to prevent fraud will continue to improve.

In 2018, Bluepoint will lay the foundation for the league of eSport, and much work will be done to improve the public experience.

Although the list of changes in the work is not exhaustive, they represent a good idea of ‚Äč‚Äčambitious prospects.

What happens to PUBG on Xbox One?
The future of PUBG on the Xbox One seems to focus more on improving the quality of the gameplay, as Bluepoint acknowledges, the game performance on the console does not match what it should be.

The consoles can expect the patch to be released every two to three weeks to optimize performance, UI, UX inventory, add custom controller settings and improve compliance.

Players can also expect the appearance of emotions, which eventually will have a PC version. But the biggest? The Miramar map will be available on the Xbox in the spring.

Soon, Xbox will also see the Fortnite event mode. These special temporary coincidences will be available to all platforms using the update.

Bluepoint said that the first event, which is a game from eight to eight with an increased chance of a rifle, remains simple. It was not a joke when we just said it. However, this is necessary to verify the basics of the regime, and more matches will be checked over time.

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